Claussen's Simmental & Red Angus
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Ron and Debbie with their family: Back Row (L-R) Ross, Ryan
Front Row: Carrie, Ellie, Derek Paper, Charlie, Ron, Debbie, Reid 

Ron manages the farm which includes growing corn, beans, and alfalfa in addition to the cow herd.

Debbie teaches Family and Consumer Sciences at Pleasant Valley High School.

Carrie received her B.S. degree in biochemistry at Iowa State University. She and her husband, Derek, currently reside in Fremont, NE with their two children, Charlie and Ellie. She and Derek work for Cargill.

Ross and Ryan obtained their B.S. degree in Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration from
Western Illinois University in Macomb. They are both now working on the farm with Ron.

Reid graduated from Iowa State University with a B.S. degree in Biology. He is working at a Biorenewable Complex on campus.

Since 1914, the Claussen family farm has passed through four generations. Ron's father, Elmer 'Pat' Claussen, first began to add purebred Simmental cattle to the family herd in 1976. When Ron took over the family farm, he began to expand the size and add additional breeds to the herd (Angus in 1993, Red Angus in 1995) with the help of his sons, Ross, Ryan, and Reid. Thus, the 4RC (Ron, Ross, Ryan, and Reid Claussen) prefix was established.